by admin, 25th February 2016

„Small fights big inside me,
They win, lose together”
János Lackfi

Choreography, performance: Anna Réti
Music: Balázs Barna
Lights: Attila Szirtes
Costum: Zsófi Bugram, Anna Réti
Assistant: László Hudi
Photo: Edvárd Molnár, Timi Varga, Katalin Karsay, Sophie A. Klougart

Premier: 26th. May, 2006. MU Theater, Budapest

Press quote:

“The evening in the MU Theater brought a unique surprise. The surprise was called Anna Réti…”
“The solo of Anna Réti is vital, fierce and cruel. There is some painful humanity in it. It’s pictures are plastic- the atmosphere inside is so sultry, as if we were inside a jungle.”                                Ádám Mestyán – Theater

Supported by: NKA, New Performance Foundation, Gesture Workshop Foundation
Cooproduction: Flórián Workshop