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meetings with A

You begin, like all things that move,
attentive to the moving,
you continue like attentiveness,
attend to someone else,
you continue like someone else,
performing for a third,
four of them now turn to you,
you barely seem to move.
Zoltán Halasi

I wonder what is the condition of a real encounter? The answer is of course very complex. But perhaps the most important condition is presence.
From the moment of birth everyone is present, paying attention to the surrounding, and following the inside processes. During our personal development it all becomes increasingly difficult, and complicated, as we are becoming aware of the world around us.
The piece tries to explore the issue of presence, by creating different ways of being present and experimenting with them.

Concept, choreography, performer: Anna Réti
Assistant director: Zsuzsanna Simányi
Guest choreographer: Ferenc Fehér
Assistant choreographer: Dóra Furulyás
Music editor: Balázs Barna
Composers: Amos Ben Tal, Ferenc Fehér , Hildegard von Binge, Tibor Hajas, Godspeed you!Black Emperor, Zsolt Döme
Costume: Retina
Decor: Pál Körmendy
Light design: Gabi Bánki
Photographer: Dániel Borovi, Gyula Erhardt, Ernő Futár

Premier: 18th April, 2011. Eötvös10 Cultural Center, Budapest

Vis-a-vis was partly created as part of Random Collisions Trylogy Project 2011.

Supported by: National Cultural Foundation, Eotvos 10 Cultural House – Hungary, Départs Program, Archauz Choreography Center – Denmark, Jardin d’ Europe Program, Ultima Vez, Random Collision, Centre Chorégraphique National D’Orléans, Workshop Foundation, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Florian Workshop, W-est_Where Festival, Cie Jasmina
Production partner: Katlan Group