by admin, 14th June 2018


– … then I’ll live a bit.
– Why, what is the matter now, what are you doing now?
– Now I do not have time, now I’m very busy.
– I’m here just a little bit now, because I’m with them, I’m taking care of them.
Now they need me, I can wait for myself.
Then when I have time I’ll be here. Of course it’s perfect like this!
But I would like to do so many things when I really
can pay attention to myself a little bit.
Actually than I do not want to pay attention at all.
– And what are you going to do then?
– Hm I do not know. It would be good to know. But I’ll figure it out I guess if I will have time.

Performer, choreographer: Anna Réti
Text: Zoltán Halasi
Space: Pal Körmendy
Video: Máté Lukács, Mihály Lukács

Premier: 17. Febr. 2018. private apartman Budapest

Special thanks: Pál Körmendy, Eszter Király, Kata Kántor, Zsuzsanna Simányi, Márton Debreczeni, Domonkos Körmendy, Samu, Jakab, Grandparents

 Supporters: National Cultural Fund , Human Resource Ministry, Sin Culture Center, Bakelit Multi Art Center,
“realized in the framework of the European project
“Be SpecACTive!”
Production partner: Katlan Group